Willys-Overland Dealer Training Films Project


   This collection of films is the result of a project with the Willys-Overland Knight Registry (WOKR) library to transform original dealer training films into an electronic format for presentation on their Web page.  The library provided original films from their collection, I provided the technical processing, and together with webmaster Paul Young, we established the criteria for the finished films which was web-presentable, small and stable files for downloading, and a high level of clarity and accuracy.  The 2-year project began in 1999 to preserved and published a total of 22 films which are presented here.  They are also accessible on the registry’s website at:     http://www.wokr.org/films/gallery7.htm

    The original films were black and white positive image 35mm half-frame rolls of film (usually Kodak Safety film) of from 40 to 60 frames.  The film had to be manually advanced one frame at a time for viewing.  There was no sound, and the films contain photographic frames interspersed with pure text frames.  Impressive technology for the times!  The films were distributed in little circular tins measuring 1.5 inches diameter and 2 inches in height with a paper label on the press-fit lid giving the film title. 



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TO PRESERVE AND MAKE PRESENTABLE     (films from 1927-1930)