Explored April 12, 2012

1904 is the date recorded for the installation of this diesel engine for the purpose of producing electricity for mine operations and for a town of about 4000.  The control panel indicates the generator produced at least 160KW from 3KV main voltage. Amazing technology for the times, especially for a remote desert location. 

Details are scarce about this engine’s specs and systems.  If you know anything about it or engines like this one, please write!   sdfco@mac.com

The power house of the Vulture is where they first began to produce their own electricity. Up to this point, steam was used to produce power. The overhead six cylinder diesel engine was built in Germany and then shipped to the Vulture and assembled. This provided the main source of power for Vulture City. Just in front of this large engine sat a two cylinder diesel engine. This is no longer there but the concrete bed that housed it is still there. This engine and air compressor was used to fire up the larger engine as well as others throughout the Powerhouse. Most of the frames of houses in Vulture City were either destroyed or moved away. Some can be seen in the old parts of Wickenburg.”   AZOFFROAD.net

Link to a video produced by the The Vulture Mine Preservation & Restoration Association: