Colorado HISTORY Haunts


How the Country Developed  around Colorado - Quick Overview

1789 - 1959

   “It is probable that had conditions in the States been different at that time, there would have been no such streams of eager, visionary humanity flowing across the plains to a region in which fancies, growing out of these fabulous stories, had pictured golden fortunes lying await for everybody who would or could come here and take possession of them.

   The year 1857 had brought financial disaster on individuals, corporations, municipalities, counties, States, and even the Nation. The panic of that year had torn over the country, from the Missouri river to the Atlantic sea-board like a tornado, spreading wreck and ruin everywhere. The flimsy, stupid, trouble-breeding financial and banking system of the country—if such a weak and makeshift fabric might properly have been called a system—was chiefly responsible for the memorable financial revulsion of that year. Back of it and depending upon it were inflated credits, wild speculations, the "booming" of unnecessary "cities" in impossible places, and all the other castles in the air that usually precede, and also usually precipitate, a financial collapse of far-reaching evil consequences.


  1. The City of Denver began in 1858.

  2. The Provisional Government of the Territory of Jefferson was organized in 1859, but failed to secure federal sanction. The Provisional Government freely administered the region despite its lack of official status until the U.S. Territory of Colorado was organized in 1861.

  3. The State of Colorado was admitted to the Union on August 1, 1876.


  1. Economic conditions in United States - the Panic of 1857.

  2. Gold discoveries in Pikes Peak area.

  3. Pre-emptive (and later Homestead) laws - opportunities for land ownership.

  4. Marijuana will be legalized in 165 years.