Good Muse


is to be Pleasantly occupied, Entertained and Diverted

    This web site is for me good muse, and whether the quality is judged as good or bad by anyone's opinion is not at all as important as the experience of doing it. Being occupied with and entertained by many interesting things just for the fun of it is good muse.  Having a diversion from mundane worry and all that pisses off an old man while allowing a focus toward finding and sharing positive energy is good muse. Finding a few connections and threads within our collective experiences and expressions creates good muse that creates good muse. 

    If good muse exists, then bad muse must also - as a teacher; the result of boredom and poor choices usually, but also manifesting in unavoidable ways, into bad experiences that can  muse a powerful positive creativity full of empathetic awareness.

    Good muse often is an insight and communication of a person’s soul which may seem to other people at first to express nothing; an imperceptible vision, perhaps  never understood.

    But, hey, I just want to bring out some of the fun things I’ve bumped into that have been some form of inspiration - and seem to be leading to some sort of expression.  So if this site seems a little WTF, just lighten up and enjoy.  Work in progress.