Colorado HISTORY Haunts


What’s The REAL Story?

History is often twisted into inaccurate stories, by design to embellish, or as the result of negligent reporting.  Sometimes, the true story simply vanishes over time.

Colorado abounds in twisted history, so this is an attempt to exhume some of these ghosts in the belief that the true story is the better story.


It’s 2013, and the newly-constructed Judicial Center dominates the downtown Denver location of 14th Avenue and Broadway, replacing the so-called ‘typewriter’ and ‘file cabinet’ buildings, which were build in the mid-70s. But despite the inaccurate reporting, what was ACTUALLY on the site before these monstrous temples of heritage?


  The St. Charles Broncos ?

Well, it could have happened, except for some aggressive real-estate manipulations (claim-jumping) in 1858 (thank you, fickle fate). The real story is considerably less of a tribute to the early founders and to Governor James W. Denver, but it’s a story that should be re-told - most of which will NEVER end up on a historical marker.