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Long Live Old Bikes, and Us Old Guys that Remembers Them!

Click here for a video clip starring the Honda CL77 Scrambler.

See the full version of the video “1965 HONDA 305 CL77 SCRAMBLER - Riding with the 'Snuffs' open” from which this clip was borrowed at:

This was my bike - a ‘scrambler’ version of the Honda CB77, or Super Hawk, with the same 305 cc, 28 horsepower, vertical twin engine which was produced from 1961 to 1967.  The CB77 model was Honda's first sport bike, and is identified as a landmark model in Honda's advances in Western motorcycle markets of the 1960s.  Because of its speed, power, and especially its reliability, it’s regarded as one of the bikes that set the paradigm for modern motorcycles.

Hey, its that Bike - from that Thing!

Zen and Now:

Robert M. Pirsig rode a CB77 Super Hawk on the trip he made with his son and their friends in 1968 on a two month round trip from their home in St. Paul, Minnesota to Petaluma, California, which became the basis for the novel Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values.  The novel never mentions the make or model of Pirsig's motorcycle, but Pirsig was reportedly still the owner of his Super Hawk as of 2007. I - wish - I - still - had - mine! (sniff, sniff)